At LifeSeasons, we believe nature works and science proves it. Which is why we invest in clinical trials to show the effectiveness of our formulas.

Gold Standard Study Design





In a clinical study, Rest-ZZZ was shown to improve sleep quality.


of participants reported improvements in sleep-related quality of life.


In a clinical study, Relieve-R participants reported that it reduced more pain than the over-the-counter pain reliever.


Better than a leading pain reliever.


In a clinical study, NeuroQ was show to increase cognitive function.


Overall Increase in Executive Function.


Overall Increase in Processing Speed.


Overall Increase in Working Memory.

Glucose Stabili-T™

In a 12-month long clinical Study, Glucose Stabili-T was shown to help maintain a healthy blood sugar in the population that was studied.


participants were enrolled.

Scientific research is a top priority for LifeSeasons. Our dedication to science goes beyond individual needs to benefit the entire industry. LifeSeasons’ product-specific clinical research has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals which attests to the caliber of our study methodology and provides confidence to individuals and their healthcare partners.

Jamie Langston RN, BSN, CCRP

Meet Our Research Team

Alexander Parker

LifeSeasons Research Partner

Alex is a strong LifeSeasons research partner. He provides high level contributions in literary review, protocol development and data analysis. Alex has an undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Oklahoma. He worked in a Drosophila neurobiology laboratory studying the role of AP180 in synaptic vesicle recycling from presynaptic neurons.

Ryan Koch

Pre-Med Research Partner

Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Southern Utah University and is currently applying to medical school. At LifeSeasons, Ryan edits and posts ingredient and condition articles to the LifeSeasons’ website. He is also active in the meta-analysis process during clinical trial and formulation development.

Jamie Langston,

Research Project Manager

Jamie started her career as a Cardiac ICU nurse. Her interest in evidence-based practice started early as she advocated for the most current and scientifically accurate treatments for her patients. She later continued her education by becoming a Clinical Research Certified Professional (CCRP). She has participated in large worldwide pharmaceutical trials and recently moved to work in dietary supplement research. While at LifeSeasons, Jamie has developed and managed a plethora of research studies conducted around the world. She recently completed a four year practitioner certification course with The Institute of Functional Medicine.